Hola! I am Maribel. I am Colombian and I am the creator of this space full of dreams. I romanticize it as dreams because each of the brands that share this space dream of a future where the fashion industry is more empathic with animals, people and the planet.


This project was born with the purpose of changing the mindset of buying clothes. Initially I wanted to have a whole line of products. But when I started my search, I realized that there are many brands that are addressing a wide range of processes in the value chain to be ethical, sustainable and to move away from fast fashion. Staying on track with my purpose for this project, my plans changed and I understood that I could help more by bringing together companies that share the same purpose and therefore, fight together for a cause where change is not seen as far away (but now!).


Making conscious fashion decisions gives us freedom and we are here to help each other



In this space we are transparent, empathetic and we are governed by our Values:

Click here to know more about our values

Click here to know more about our values