Folk was created in Colombia with the purpose of inspiring environmental awareness and fostering a lively and responsible lifestyle. their main objective is to protect endangered species and motivate culture conservation. With every collection we seek to honor the life of a species, community or habitat that has been a victim of human recklessness. To guarantee a real impact, we work directly with organizations that support life conservation.


PALMA CANARIA is a unique and innovative accessories brand 100% handmade in Colombia made of natural fibers. The pieces created at Palma Canaria have been consciously crafted by our artisans with the guarantee that at least one of our 8 attributes is being accomplished: this attributes respect free welfare for animals, humans and environment and are aligned with fashion industry most recognized practices.

They  are proud to work with artisans and their families from four different regions in our country, making sure we get the best ecological materials to produce our pieces.Every decision taken at Palma Canaria symbolizes our commitment to redefine fashion’s future. We are firm believers that modern luxury is rediscovering craftsman traditions in a luxurious and modern way.



It is a brand from Bogotá - Colombia created in 2018 by a mother and her daughter. These two women who believe in sustainable fashion decided to undertake this brand surrounded by color where in the DNA you can see the versatility of its exclusive prints illustrated by Daniela Buitrago Guzmán, inspired by Abstract Art.

Martha Guzmán and her daughter Daniela undertook a project committed to the planet, seeking sustainability as the first thing to be responsible with the environment. They seek with their lycras and their fabrics not to do more damage to the planet, using materials that contribute to sustainability such as RECYCLED POLYESTER that is obtained from PET bottles. This brand wants to emphasize that when it comes to beachwear, it is not seen as a problem but as a sustainable way to enjoy our oceans and beaches.

Acquarello is also a brand that believes in the Colombian workforce and works with maquilas made up of female heads of household, supporting the work of our seamstresses who are a great ally for our industry.  


Soul are a brand that seeks to highlight femininity. Their main objective is to transform the complexity of the female figure, in harmony with revealing the innate beauty of women. Soul’s philosophy seeks to minimise the impact on the environment. Consciousness is one of Soul’s fundamental pillars and they seek to include it in all of their processes. Soul’s garments are made with natural fibers, and labels and packaging are produced from fully recycled materials. Soul seeks to create more awareness regarding the way we consume. From our habits to what we use; creating quality, durable and versatile pieces ideal for everyday use. As a brand, Soul believe that we need much less. Soul focus on simplicity, elevated basics and key pieces, all inspired by the essence of women.



Awana Taller is a social enterprise that seeks to create recognition of artisan traditions in Colombia through a network of different Indigenous artisan communities that is based on fair commercial practices.

Awana provides artisan workshops throughout Colombia to co-create accessories for women who are interested in wearing unique handmade pieces, of Colombian origin and that are sustainable.

From the sales Awana creates opportunities for the collaborating artisan communities to improve their living conditions, contributing to better well-being, meaningful work and reducing poverty.



Di Base creates elegance from simplicity. Designed for a woman who is peaceful, intelligent and empowered. She doesn't want to wear herself out keeping up with trends because she seeks sophistication in her style.

‘’For women who master the art of basic’’ Di Base



This is my personal (and family) project. I grew up watching my mother knit clothing, table runners, blankets, cushion covers, and so much more. When I came to Australia, I left behind many of the garments that she had knitted for me because my intention was to return a year later. Sometimes life is unpredictable and after 4 years, I am still here missing my mother's hugs and her clothes that help to remind me of her. One day, I asked myself “why don’t I bring my mums amazing creations to Australia, with which I have so much connection and love?” These clothes are unique and handmade by my mum. The truth is, I believe she has a unique and special gift for crocheting. Motivated with the commitment to do my part in improving the fashion industry, using natural and recycled materials, with a production chain that is fair and ethical- I decided to bet on my dreams, regardless of the 14,000 kilometres between Colombia and Australia, and start a label selling my mums beautiful handmade pieces. Most importantly though, this project is close to my heart and brings my mother and I together despite the distance between us.